the unofficial gamesalad textbook on iMac

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hi all i hope you can help.

I've been using gamesalad for approx. 4 weeks now and have just completed Miguel DeQuadros beginners guide which was helpful to get started, now i have purchased the unofficial gamesalad textbook by Photics through iTunes and it looks very good for my next stage of learning. The only problem is reading from my iPhone is annoying & my wife uses the iPad whist I'm locked away for hours on end on the Mac, so does anyone know a way to view it on my imac as there is plenty of room on a 27" screen to have it open whilst using gamesalad ?

i have tried to contact Photics through their website but it just says unable to send message try again later?



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  • insaneyeinsaneye Member Posts: 7
    thanks xforce,
    but I'm thinking of something more permanent then airplay
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    GameSalad also offers a Beginners Manual. Feel free to check it out:

    Happy Learning!
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    You can also ask your questions in the forum - this is very helpful community, and you will get help, and answers as quick as possible :)
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    I dont believe he has ever put it on a Mac format.

    Also I do know Photics will expect to be paid for another copy if he does decide to give you a PDF format like he used to sell at one time.

    Check out GameSalads manual @laurensalad posted. Also the cook book on this site, the forums for sure, and last but not least for a ton of great videos showing how to do all sorts of cool stuff.
  • insaneyeinsaneye Member Posts: 7
    thanks :)
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    thanks xforce,
    but I'm thinking of something more permanent then airplay

    Thanks for your interest in The Unofficial GameSalad Textbook. If you have a licensed copy of the textbook for iOS, then I think it's OK to view the book on your desktop — for your own personal use.

    Here are the instructions for accomplishing that...

    • After purchasing and downloading the app, find the app in iTunes.
    • Click and drag the app icon to the desktop.
    -- (This should make a copy)
    • Right-Click the Textbook.ipa file and open it with the Archive Utility app.
    –– (Basically, this should expand the file.)
    • There should be a new folder now. Inside that folder is the file.
    –– (It's inside the payload folder.)
    • Right-click the file and show Package Contents
    • Inside that folder are all the HTML files.
    –– (These can be moved outside the package for easier access.)
    • These files can be opened in a web browser.

    A PDF version of the textbook may return one day, but this is a nice alternative.

    I'm waiting to see when GameSalad hits 1.0 and I have other projects that I'm trying to finish first. GameSalad is still part of my longterm strategy for Right now, GameSalad's role is somewhat limited. But if GameSalad adds HTTP Requests and improved HTML5 exporting... wow... it could be exciting!
    @insaneye .. This post will show for @Photics ... I'm sure he will let you know what might be possible ... I see him here more frequently so you should get some attention soon.
    Nice comment! I hit the Awesome button!
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