Get an extra 3Gb added to your dropbox account for free!

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Hi guys, right now dropbox are promoting their new photo upload service, where you can plug in your camera (or iPhone, etc) to the USB port, and dropbox instantly pops up and offers to upload your photos to your dropbox folder. To try and get people using the service they are offering up to 3Gb of free space when you try it at the moment.


1 - Make sure you have the dropbox desktop app installed, and that it is updated to the newest version, or at least be on version 1.3.4 or higher. (

2 - Plug in a camera or smartphone via USB. Dropbox will pop up and prompt you to upload the photos. Agree to this.

3 - After the first batch of uploads dropbox will tell you your allowance has permanently increased by 500mb.

4 - Now, for every 500mb of photos (or videos) you upload, your dropbox will be increased permanently by another 500mb, up to a further 5 times, giving you 3Gb added in all.

5 - You can delete any photos now uploaded, and never use the service again if you don't want, the 3Gb is yours forever.

And here's a tip - videos count too, so rather than upload a ton of photos I just left my iPhone to record video for a while, and then each video was over 500mb and so increased the allowance straight away when I uploaded it. ;)

PS I'm not going to spam, but if anybody is interested and doesn't already have a dropbox, message me and I can send you a referral link so when you join we both get an extra 500mb on top of the usual allowance. :D

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