Glitchy animation...and another issue

CrestwoodCrestwood Member Posts: 80
I have been looking, but can't seem to find anything to help me out. I am messing around with flash and exporting as png's. I have tried swft2png and exporting as a png sequnce, but the animation is glitchy when it is ported into GS, at first.

I have a character that spawns and is immediately doing a simple animation for 3 seconds. Nothing special just a plant like creature and the head sways from left to right. For about the first second, its jumpy, but after that it is smooth.

I have the FPS at 12, and have tried moving it up and down. The animation is 176x200.

Is this a GS issue, or just the viewer? Is it possible to test on the device without paying for the 99$ apple developer fee?

On another note. When I go to hit preview, I get a little square part of the scene. I have to change the view from 100% to 50% and back. Anyone have this problem?

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  • stackpoolestackpoole Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaPosts: 473
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    Hi, im not sure why it is glitchy, maybe because the spawn actor behaviour is always been glitchy.

    You can test on a device, but you must pay the $99 for iOS

    Sorry, really can't help =)

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  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Posts: 5,390
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    Does it still glitch if the actor is already loaded on the scene and you don't spawn it?
    Is the art set to be pre-loaded?

    As for the preview, yes that happens to me sporadically, I just usually hit restart and it sorts itself out.

    You can only test on device if you have your Apple license.
  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Posts: 5,390
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    You'll need to do some testing as its hard to advise without answers.

    Basically, yes, I recycle everything I can. Things sit off scene until they are needed, they are then moved in, perform their tasks/animations and are then moved back off screen.


  • CrestwoodCrestwood Member Posts: 80
    Would loading all of the animations "off scene" work? Then, when it is needed just have it appear, and when it is killed, move it back for when it is needed again?

    Has anyone tried this?
  • CrestwoodCrestwood Member Posts: 80
    Thanks beefy..I see you are up early too!

    Well, I did a lot of searching and found a tip about animation sequence. When I ported the animations in, they got jumbled. After sorting them and re-animating, it runs like a champ.

    I love GS, and know the devs are hard at work to improve it. But, until then I think we need a sticky for little tips like this. Would make it easier to find.

  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Member Posts: 9,919
    There is a sticky listing all the websites that index videos and information.
  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Member Posts: 5,390
    Ah yes, when importing animations, to keep them in order, i drag 1 in at a time, if you drag them all in the sequence gets messed up. Once in GS, double click the image, it will open in preview and you can make sure you're selected the right image to animate at the right point
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