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Hi, found this , thought its good to introduce myself. I am new to GS, no programming background, but i played secondlife a bit, so the experience sort of helps to understand GS concept pretty much. I use pc a lot, only now just got a mac air , starting to build a checkers game for hobby and learning,, but found it very difficult, i am also building something like a great men and great women of the world,, with year, place, and pictures,, spanning over lat 60 years,,, if anyone wishes to share the projects i am happy to do together. I am also learning appMakr,, but that is not in the scope here to discuss. I love GS, but within a short period of one month, i realise GS does not affort users interface for players to play the game from different devices. this is sad. Anyone keen to make friend with me?
i feel it is hard to do the projects alone,,,, very frustrating....
i have spent a lot of time reading GS tutorials, templates,, youtube,, tshirtbooth is the name which comes to my mind all the time,,, ahahahah.. i thought he sold tshirts at first.. :)
Oh, i do stockbroking for a living.. with a degree in finance.
oh,, i am also looking for partners in Singapore , to set up a business to make apps,, i know where to get funds...if this is your first time getting into a business...

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  • kkchongkkchong Member Posts: 60
    thank you buddy , so nice of you to respond and offer your help.
    geez,, i have one thousand questions,,, but i will try to look for answers if they are already in forum or in creators first,,,,, hahahah otherwise you will ban me from GS forum
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    pleasure in knowing you both,,saladstraightshooter and jckmcgraw,, smiles
    thank you for the link Jack, i will subscribe.
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    hi congra,,Jack, you must be excited having launched your first app,,Mad Pigs. hahah, i have just downloaded it. is this your first app? how long have you been on GS, and how much time have you spent on this app ? wee, i am new, one month into gs,, but i have been reading and spent maybe 150 hours learning,, any tips?
    cheers kk
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    @bilzo12 and @nettekoven,, i agree, and nice to know you both.. kk
  • kkchongkkchong Member Posts: 60
    @jckmcgraw, tks your reply, so you re the younger gamesalad app maker at 15 ,, how wonderful.
    tks to Braydon, Culture, and Ventora,, :)
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    @jckmcgraw,, smiles, geez,, you certainly make
    me look like the pig on your game..hahah
  • MarkWillson01MarkWillson01 Member Posts: 5
    Hi guys, i am Mark & newbie in this community.
  • battleduckbattleduck Member Posts: 105
    Hey, always nice to see a new face. welcome!
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