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Hi everyone just wanted to introduce myself to the community a little. I am new to not only this program but developing as well. I have always found an interest in developing a game for ios and even tried to learn coding but that did not go well. Any tips or hints that can help me would be greatly appreciated.

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    @Braydon_SFX haha beat me to it =D>
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    @barkingapps - one of the benefits of being a fast typer. ;)
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    Welcome to GameSalad and to our community! We recommend the best place to start is to read our GameSalad Cookbook tutorials and take the quizzes. This is the best place to build a foundation of knowledge to learn game development with our tool.

    Here is the link: http://cookbook.gamesalad.com/tutorials

    The forums, of course, are a great place to ask specific and more advanced questions once you get a little knowledge under your belt.

    Good luck and again WELCOME! We are happy to have you!
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    Thanks for the tips guys. I will be taking a look at those videos and hopefully get started on my first game soon. I am sticking with the basic download for now and once I am ready to publish I will be upgrading to the pro version to fine tune what I create.
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