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My app has been In Review for seven hours

rabbigarfinkelrabbigarfinkel Member Posts: 39

All my other apps went from In Review to Processing For App Store to Ready For Sale in a matter of minutes. But my latest app has been in review since this morning. Does that mean it's toast?


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  • JustMe74JustMe74 Posts: 542
    Accepted Answer
    Sometimes that happens. My last one started in review yesterday at 4:40pm and was just approved about 2 hours ago.
  • gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Posts: 6,577
    Accepted Answer


    As @JustMe74 said; my app took five days, if I remember correctly...

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  • maxbeaumontmaxbeaumont Posts: 616
    Accepted Answer
    Sometimes what Apple does is put it in review right after you upload the game, and then it stays like that for a few days. Shouldn't be to much longer buddy.

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  • maxbeaumontmaxbeaumont Posts: 616
    Accepted Answer

    Then I have no idea buddy, I would just wait it out.

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  • petercoupepetercoupe Member Posts: 94
    So far my times are; 7 days, 8 days, 7 days and 8 days and counting.
    So don't start worrying just yet!
    Average time seems to be 8 days for iOS and 11 days for Mac OSX.
  • IsabelleKIsabelleK Member, Sous Chef Posts: 2,807
    Guys, guys... He said that his app is IN REVIEW, not waiting for review.

    Average review time is few hours.

  • petercoupepetercoupe Member Posts: 94
    ~O) Oops....too much coffee again!!!!
  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasMember, Sous Chef Posts: 2,870
    edited June 2012
    tshirtbooth had an App "IN REVIEW" for about 2 months not too long ago. Might have been longer than that. Sometimes it takes a matter of minutes, sometimes it takes days. I had an App in review for almost 4 days myself before it got accepted.

    The App Store review process is like a box of chocolates...

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  • rabbigarfinkelrabbigarfinkel Member Posts: 39
    @VentoraStudios: From your mouth to Apple's ears! I uploaded on June 19 and went In Review today at 10:24 am.
  • rabbigarfinkelrabbigarfinkel Member Posts: 39
    Finally, ready for sale!
  • crazycam99crazycam99 Paris, FranceMember Posts: 519
    I've had a game in review for 5 minutes and one for 6 hours. It really depends on the game and the reviewer.
  • JamieOneilJamieOneil Member Posts: 877
    2 days is my max. Got accepted in the end.
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