The Man Who Stared At The Sky - interactive book for iPhone/iPad ****NOW FREE****

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Hi guys,

Well, its friday, soooooo, for the next couple of days I'm free to announce that 'The Man Who Starred At The Sky' interactive childrens book for the iPhone and iPad is now free.

Loads of people here helped me so much from start to finish, so I'm pleased to share this all with you.



In return it would be great if you could write a little review, however, simply playing with the app is payment enough.

Feel free to share the link to anyone you may know.

Cheers all and have a fantastic weekend.



  • crazycam99crazycam99 Paris, FranceMember Posts: 519
    Love the art style!!
  • master200012master200012 Member Posts: 372
    Was this the same one you did for the TOTB3 or 4 challenge? Anyway, it looked like a great game/"interactive book." Thanks!
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