Can I use cars pictures ?

salah.rahalsalah.rahal Member Posts: 121
hey guys .. i was working on my photo slider game

and i was thinking of making a 3d wallapers for famous like bmw m3 or camaro and use them in my game ... can i ?



  • petercoupepetercoupe Member Posts: 94
    I think you will need to contact the manufacturers and explain what your game will look like when it is finished. They will then grant you permission (or not).
  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990
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    Legally you cannot use someone else's trademark/copyright. Even if there are similarities in name and design. Exceptions are even a grey area, such as a parody of the original. If you decide to make your own graphics with similarities, you could place a disclaimer in your game that states that the cars in the game do not represent real life/world cars. Any manufacture could still take issue with it and send you a cease and desist letter if they feel you are violating their copyrights and/or trademarks. The likelihood that they will do that is very slim. Just check out how many apps out there do feature clocks, puzzles wallpapers etc. that are not officially licensed. Best thing is to cover your butt, and try to adhere to what is legally sound. If your are doing this outside a hobbyist nature and start making money on the product and someone notices....well you can guess what could happen.

    If you feel compelled to use the actual product and want permission, as stated above, contact the manufacture via business relations or communications department.
  • salah.rahalsalah.rahal Member Posts: 121
    tkx guys
  • JustMe74JustMe74 Member, PRO Posts: 542
    In my opinion (and I'm not a lawyer):

    NOT OK: You download someone else's photo of a car and implement in your game.

    OK: You take a picture of a car and use it in your game. Or, you find a royalty-free photo of a car and use it in your game.
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