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Stunt Squirrels iPad hit #100 in top overall paid iPad games!!

butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO
Great job Joe!! How are sales doing? Glad to see a Gamesalad game come back into the top 100! :))


  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Posts: 1,927Member
    Thats awesome!!!
    Them squirrels is crazy critters
  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Posts: 1,927Member
    I actually took a look and a lot of our apps are moving UP!!

    after a few days of going down its nice to see movement the other way!

    Stunt squirrels is our flagship though!!
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Posts: 3,206Member
    Wow! Very cool! I hope it keeps climbing up!
    It's also currently at 18 in Arcade and 29 in Action!

    All that being said, yesterday was my best sales day of SSHD, and it made $44...

    Which is fine, but I still have to keep my day job!

    Our games are still not visible on the iPad itself, hopefully that will change soon!
  • DankStewDankStew Posts: 36Member
    Congratulations! That's awesome!
    I do have to say, the app store layout is probably my biggest issue with my iPad so far (yeah USB, multitasking, and no hdmi output are big ones too). Still, it's an amazing device and your game is one of its first successes.

    Again, great job.
  • scorelessmusicscorelessmusic Posts: 565Member
    Congrats! A definite booster for the community :D
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