I need Art Willing to pay money!

FullBlockGamesFullBlockGames Member Posts: 56
Hi everyone,
I made a game, it's not too close to being finished as there are still quite a few bugs, but I want to start looking for art. See for this game the core gameplay is done but there isn't a real point. Right now I am using the basic GS box art. So everything in the game are squares. The gameplay works ok but it is at least playable. So I am looking for somebody that is:

*Good at making art
*Very creative because I need them to think of the idea and what the characters should be
*Some what cheap because this is my first real game
*Good at making cute animals characters because those are my favorite
*Respons fast

If you are good at all this please do one of the following

*Email me at ashapiro914@gmail.com

*Post in the forums

*PM me



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