Are the assets copyright/royalty free?

DrGlickertDrGlickert Member Posts: 1,135
I had a question from a non-for-profit entity that will be using GameSalad as their creation tool of choice with young kids in a camp their putting on.
They want to know if the assets that are provided in the GameSalad made templates are Royalty/copyright free? I don't believe they have any intention of making games to generate a revenue (I might be mistaken on this though). Thanks!


  • DrGlickertDrGlickert Member Posts: 1,135
    Any answers? GameSalad staff?
  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasMember, Sous Chef Posts: 2,870
    Hey Doc! Some of the templates state that the assets are included, and that you can use them, but some say you can't use the art, and will have watermarks on the images.

    I think it depends on the individual template you are using. They usually say wether or not if you can have the images royalty free. If you have any doubts, I'd message the seller and ask them personally.
  • DrGlickertDrGlickert Member Posts: 1,135
    Thanks for the reply SlickZero, however, I'm interested in the templates that GameSalad provides with their software. Not 3rd party sellers (like Darin or TSB).
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