Collision Detection rule between specific actors

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to Game Salad but it's really fun working with it.

I have run into a roadblock while trying to learn the ins and outs of Game Salad.

1) I have 2 actor prototypes: Box and Brick
2) I dragged several instances of Box and Brick onto a scene

Is there any way to make a Rule to detect if a particular Brick collides or overlaps with a specific box?

I've tried using tags but those refer to all boxes or all bricks --- I can't limit to specific instance of each. The collide or overlap rule seems to apply to prototypes and not specific instances in the scene. I don't want to make a prototype for each Brick and each Box but is that the only way I can detect collisions between specific actors in a scene?

Any ideas or suggestions?



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    Wow that was quick. Thanks for your comment uptimistik. I have a follow up question though. In your example would I need to a separate collision rule for each box too? I want to find out the collision between a specific brick and box as well. If I need to make rules to cover all possible combinations of collisions it could add up to a lot of rules. Am I missing something?

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    Thanks. I understand now but does this also mean I need to create a prototype for each Box (e.g. Box1, Box2, Box3 .... Boxn) ? The Collision rule "actor type selection dropdown" only shows the Box prototype but I need to be more specific and be able to designate the exact Box instance on the scene.
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    I'm sorry but I'm a little confused. I created one Brick and one Box prototype. Then I have say 20 Bricks and 10 Boxes instances in the scene.

    I understand how to set the rule for the Brick1 to Brick20 using your example above. There would only be one Brick prototype but the bricknumber would be an unique integer for each brick in the scene. I also try to do the same thing for the Boxes.

    But once I try to create the brick collision rule I can't select the specific Box I'm colliding with.... I only see Box prototype as a selection. I wonder what I'm doing wrong?

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