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Spinning Ipod (sometimes in trailer)

fatcakefatcake Posts: 17Member
hi, have you ever seen a spinning ipod on a trailer. So basically you see and ipod and the game on it in a trailer then it spins round and it is another scene on the ipod. Basically i am looking for the spinning ipod graphic/video. If anybody knows where to get this please comment below :)


  • fatcakefatcake Posts: 17Member
    i mean something like this

  • fatcakefatcake Posts: 17Member

    oh, i see what you mean....sorry bud, but I can't help you with that. but always remember, Google is your friend ;)

    any suggestions, on what to type in, or anyone who can help :)

  • basil81basil81 Posts: 103PRO
    What you'll need is a 3D model of an iphone, and animate the rotation using a 3D modelling program, such as Blender 3D (which is available for free download: You may find a model of an iphone in an online Blender repository, such as this one:

    I hope this helps.
  • basil81basil81 Posts: 103PRO
    edited September 2012
    Another solution is to find a pre-made After Effects (or Motion) template, like this one for example:

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