Pushing Boundaries with GameSalad...PROJECT SALAD DRESSING!

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Hi Forum,

I am currently embarking on a mission to create theoretically viable games on GameSalad, which maybe before their time given the current state of GameSalad. The first of the series was a Bejeweled type match game (Follow this thread to see the work in progress, http://forums.gamesalad.com/discussion/48314/bejewelled-template-wip-multiple-passes-working#latest). You would think with the addition of writable tables that this would have been a cinch, however there are still limitations with writable tables, such as the inability to access information directly within rules. Ideally for this type of game you would require a method to create calculations directly within tables or a method to create calculations between tables e.g. using the table as a matrix. Nonetheless it brings us closer to creating such games, but not entirely there, which is what this thread is all about.

Currently in the series are 2 games, the first was Bejeweled and the other is Tiny Wings. Tiny Wings is a physics based game, which relies on pixel collision. Now there are several work arounds that can be used within GameSalad, however they still do not seem to cut it! Yet again an example of a game that in theory can be created with GameSalad, however we only have half the tools to accomplish it!

I plan to spend the rest of the year developing such games, which is where YOU come into this whole project of mine. I spend very little time actually playing games to know whats out there that's worth attempting in GameSalad, so I am asking if you would suggest games, together with a little background and maybe areas in which GameSalad make it difficult to accomplish.

Lets leave the game suggestions to the those, which do not require additional features within GameSalad (such as 3D or Multiplayer etc), and those which are possible and either you do not know how to accomplish it within GameSalad using the current tools, or the current tools just don't meet the requirements to create the game...

Also if you are up for the challenge why not attempt to create the games suggested and together we could see how far we could push "This little engine that could"!

Bring it on! :)


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