How can I make more quality images?

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I want to start making more quality images for my games, do anyone know which is the best software I can use to make really quality images for my games? when I say quality I mean really neat quality images. I don't mean normal quality I mean like really good quality art.

Thank you


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    well you can use photoshop, and flash. or photoshop AND flash (for easier and vector art animations)
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    There is no particular software you can use. its based on your skill actually. I render in 3D and then do post effects in photoshop. You can even use flash to create some amazing vector art. Just the learning curve of these are very high.
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    It's not the software that makes you do better art but the right homie of software matching your skill and artistic approach helps a lot.

    As @uptimistik mentioned there are guys doing crazy stuff with ms paint (personally I rather not do art at all that torture myself with that 'tool').
    The sotfware depends on art you want to produce:
    - pixel art
    - vector illustration
    - painted art
    - rendered art

    The amount of tools for all 4 styles is sheer endless and by now there are a lot of free / cheap alternatives to the 'standard' applications like photoshop, 3DSmax, Maya, illustrator, etc.

    If you have a style in mind that you feel mot suited for I can tell you which application I would suggest.

    In the end it's about your skills and the amount of practice you have. There is no alternative to doing art over and over and over again, trying out new styles and advancing your skills. Depending on your skill level the tutorials in my block might be helpful for 2D art:
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    Vector art is suitable for creating nice 2D image, cartoony mostly, I use Adobe Illustrator which I think is really great.
    3D will be alot more complex and time consuming to create, while Adobe Photoshop can create realistic 2D image.
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    @firstofjune - that's a very simplified view, mate. You can use all the tools to get cartoony, realistic, even photo-realistic looks. It's the different approach towards the art that makes the difference.

    ?) Think about the use of the art and the game you want to make. Do the elements move in 2 or three dimensions?

    -> 3D is about modelling and working something in all 3D dimensions - very helpful when you need to rotate elements in the 3rd dimension - as drawing a walk cycle in isometric view in either pixel, painted or vector style is a proper nightmare.
    -> 2D works a lot faster when the character is just seen from one angle.

    ?) Will the art need to be really detailed or can I get away with less detail?

    -> Modelling detail in 3D can be very time-consuming (even when using Zbrush or Mudbox to do some of the work)
    -> 2D textures are a lot easier to create and might work well when you see the element in it's in-game size
    -> 2D elements can be painted with a lot of detail rather quickly in Photoshop or similar tools

    ?) Do I need to rework elements in different size or colours? Is there a lot of art that could be reused?

    -> Vector art is ideal for scaling, reusing and modifying.
    -> A lot of 2D tools allow helpful extras like eg. symbols, layers, batch export that help reuse work easily and save time that way.
    -> Setting up your 3D work in a way that alows multiple uses of the same model with different skins/ textures can help a lot.

    In the end it boils down to one major question imho.

    ?) What kind of workflow am I most comfortable with?

    If you don't enjoy doing the art it will show - just as it will show when you have fun creating it.
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    @SpriteAttack - Wow man - Great post!

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