why have these features been neglected?

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For so long people have been asking for network/multiplayer integration it seems crazy that this has not been implemented most of the great games out there have some sort of networking system. Having the ability to network users or store information on a server allows endless new possibilities for our games. It also means creating less content due to the repeated playability of multiplayer games. How many hours have many of us played Call of Duty? For me it is way more than my girlfriend would like. To make truly addictive and replay able games we need the ability to network or create multiplayer games.

The simplest would be MySQL db support to allow storing player details online this would allow basic multiplayer support as another players game session could be recreated by loading all details about their game state. Not the prettiest solution but the quickest to implement for the developers. This would also open up the possibility of multi platform support because your game state could also be loaded in the web published versions of apps allowing you to continue your game on your laptop. Another awesome possibility that most games have not explored would be web interfacing a game with a website. Using PHP and Ajax game developers could create websites to add new features to their game.

The next step would be integration of real-time multiplayer support such as photon server or electrotank used by the unity game engine. This would allow the creation of true multiplayer games such as MMO and MMORPGs in addition to FPS games.

From my research it seems that gamesalad is one of very fewgame development platforms lacking networking features and due to the limitless possibilities unleashed by network incorporation would create a massive boost to pro subscriptions. I know it's the one feature that is required before I go pro.

Plugin API
Another neglected feature is a Plugin system. The ability to create plugins and extensions made photoshop the number one image editing software out there and would create an endless number of possibilities for gamesalad. Not only could gamesalad have a plugin store and pocket a percentage of sales but each and every plugin created adds value to the gamesalad software. In addition to taking a lot of the work load away from gamesalad developers, requested features would be developed much faster do to the increase in the number of developers working on gamesalad.

Sorry for the long post but I feel both of these features should have been created a long time ago not only because they have been requested many times by the users but because they are no brainers from a business stand point.


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    I think they're doing it just to irritate you. Learn Unity they have all those features and more.
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    yea there is also another great open source engine called construct 2.0 their still working on multiplayer plugins but it looks great haven't played around with it much
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    nah. construct 2 sucks. cant compare with gs cuz cant create for ios/android/kindle.
    Maybe istencyl or gamemaker studio 8. i will wait for next version of gamesalad and finish my current game before deciding.
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