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Custom Splash Screen

blorschblorsch Member Posts: 248
Hi, when publishing you get at custom loading scene upload field. Does anybody know what this does?



  • lycettebroslycettebros Member, PRO Posts: 1,598
    It is the first screen a person will see when they open their app. If you leave it empty it will be a Gamesalad default screen I think (it was in the old GS the new publish page does not show a default screen).
  • blorschblorsch Member Posts: 248
    @LycetteBros I thought it was the image that is pulled up during loading time in between
  • lycettebroslycettebros Member, PRO Posts: 1,598
    Nope not between scenes, only at beginning of app loading.
    There is no custom load for between scenes.
  • blorschblorsch Member Posts: 248
    I downloaded a app made with gamesalad and they had in between scenes loading.
  • Mr HansonMr Hanson Member Posts: 94
    Hello @blorsch

    The custom splash screen is the first thing the player sees. In between loading times is what you have to do by adding an extra scene that does the loading.
    This is why other games have loading images. It is what most games do. But it has nothing to do with custom splash screen

    All the best
  • blorschblorsch Member Posts: 248
    edited September 2012
    Then how do you set up the custom loading scene? (No not the custom splash screen).
  • blorschblorsch Member Posts: 248
    Does anybody know?
  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasMember, Sous Chef Posts: 2,870
    If you are seeing loading scenes between levels, then the developer made those themselves by creating a new scene after each level, or wherever, and it's more or less "faked" because they probably have long loading times between levels. Just a guess.

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  • TesseractEngineTesseractEngine Member Posts: 180
    There is no custom loading screen. When, in a GS game, it looks like there is, it's because the dev has displayed a full-screen actor just prior to loading a new scene. Said actor will typically feature the word 'loading'.

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