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Hey guys, I've got another question for today.
Is it possible to use a custom text Attribute for the Table's name when using the function TableCellValue?
Ok actually I'm thinking the answer is "no" because I'm trying it and it's not working :D
but perhaps anyone know of a way to do so?

What I'm trying to do:
if game.cust Typed Guess is tableCellValue(game.cust Current Level, game.cust Current Row, 4)

game.cust Current Level is the text attribute which has the current value of A (where "A" is the name of the Table I am trying to reference to)

Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    It's not possible, though I wish it was. For now, you're limited to Rules that cover possible values of an attribute and then select a table based on those values.

    You could potentially have a table that has "sub-tables" (for lack of a better word) and then use an index attribute to select a starting row. For example, the "top" table would be rows 1-10 and the "bottom" table would be rows 11-20.

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