Throwing problem

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Hi guys!

New on the forum, seems like a really nice place!

Have a little problem,

When throwing an actor higher and higher (it lands on a platform between the throws) it gets harder and harder to throw it the higher from the "ground" it gets. When starting the actor reacts to mousebutton down and throws perfectly, but when being higher up the actor does not move until the cursor is really far from the actor. Is there a way around this?

Here is how I've done it.

constrain attribute: self.Rotation to: vectorToAngle( self.Motion.Linear Velocity.X , self.Motion.Linear Velocity.Y )
change attribute: self.touchx to: self.Position.X
constrain attribute: self.touchY to: self.Position.Y

constrain attribute: self.Motion.Linear Velocity.X to:10*( game.Mouse.Position.X - self.Position.X )
constrain attribute: self.Motion.Linear Velocity.Y to:10*( game.Mouse.Position.Y - self.Position.Y )

Hope you understand my question =)


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    Anyone? :-)
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    Thanks for your tip uptimistik!

    But still can't get it to work :-(
    Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    I have done this:

    and then this:

    and it still does not work
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    I worked perfectly when having the actor following the mouse, but for some reason it does not work with "throw"
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    Got it to work!! Thanks a lot uptimistik!! Digged in to your settings and now it works
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