Game scene works in Creator, but not on iPhone...

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I've been developing my game on my Windows pc, where all of my buttons and pages work fine. When I exported it to my mac to publish, I found that I some of my buttons specifically on my in-game Acheivements page weren't working. However, when I published it to iPhone to test, I could not load the scene whatsoever... weird...

I'm completely stumped, when I click the Acheivements button in my game, it just shows the loading wheel without actually doing anything, not changing scene and pretty much freezing the game.

Any ideas?


  • iCreationZiCreationZ Member Posts: 158
  • mathusalemrexmathusalemrex Member, PRO Posts: 116
    Did you ever get it to work? Im having same issues, made with windows gs, exported to mac, worked on gs preview fine, but freezing on iPhone adhoc. Real bummer...
  • LooseMooseLooseMoose Member Posts: 224
    I've made 2 games on windows then exported to mac. 1 of them worked perfect and the other didn't work.

    I'm not sure what caused one of the games not to work but the fastest fix was to just re-do all the rules that weren't working.
  • iCreationZiCreationZ Member Posts: 158
    I have found a really inconvienient solution that did work. I had to delete the scene that didn't work and built it again from the ground up. Now everything seems to be working hunky dory on both windows preview, mac preview and iPhone. Very annoying though....
  • LumpAppsLumpApps Member Posts: 2,878
    I know one issue that might cause this and that is when you have an image that is too small. I believe images should be above 2px in size.
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    Many times the viewer will run bad code. The only way to tell if your code is good is to ad hoc. I have never had problems with my games when my code is right. I'm currently working and testing a complex game and I haven't had any issues. When I do have a problem I find it is bad code and I fix it and it works. Adding and removing lots of images and code in GS can cause back end problems. I build my code in test projects to work it out and then begin building it in a fresh project. I am also through in checking all my images for proper size and resolution before importing. Lots of editing in a project will cause problems. One needs to be organized and through and prepared before building a final project.
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