Rebuild a corrupted file.gameproj is possible!

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Hello everybody, I want to show you how to restore a corrupted file.gameproj, sometimes it is possible that a file.gameproj is corrupt, I recently discovered on my skin :( but i found a solution! :D

I think it's possible only on Mac, but I dont know the OS Windows, so if you can do on Windows pleas post here the solution for other people.

Now start a solution:

1) Create a empty project on GSCreator with same set of your corrupted file (iPhone, iPad, Custom size) do not touch inside just open, save and close.
2) Now Right click or Alt+clik on your corrupted file.gameproj
3) Click on "Show Package Content" and do again on you recently new file.gameproj
4) Copy all folders + object.xml from a corrupted file.gameproj in to a new file.gameproj and override all.

That's it that's all!!

You now have a perfect copy not corrupted of your project.

I hope this help you ;)


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