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Windows 8 Store and Mac Store sales?

squirrel42squirrel42 Posts: 171Member, PRO
I was wondering if anyone is seeing much in the way of sales on either Windows 8 or Mac desktop stores?
At what level are you pricing your apps?
Any feedback would be useful.
Thanks in advance


  • RUPASRUPAS Posts: 823Member
    Yeah, me too I have curious if windows 8 is profitable .... someone is selling something in windows 8?
  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasPosts: 2,870Member, Sous Chef
    Windows 8 is still very young. People aren't ready to switch from Windows 7 according to the stats. I have a game in Windows Store, and the minimal price, and it didn't do anything until after Christmas. Once people got new W8 devices for the holidays, sales picked up a bit.

    It's no where near what Apple's App Store sales are, but it's still in it's infancy. I think the W8 store is going to blow up eventually, like the App Store did. Just gotta wait for the migration from W7 to W8 to happen.

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