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@Socks had the good idea of making a forum post where you can report suspisious activity, pirates, trolls or any other hazard to the community. Take this post for example: http://forums.gamesalad.com/discussion/55197/anyone-know-what-to-do-if-someones-stolen-your-games-and-selling-them-on-the-apple-store#

If you need to, bookmark this post with the little star at the top of this post. That way you can easily find it if you need to report something. Thanks for helping out! (Maybe the mods can get help from this too. :P )


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    Having a community that polices itself can cause lots of additional headaches. Obviously, we do this in a very limited way with approved moderators.

    Most forums have a rule against "backseat moderating" (attempting to moderate without actually being a moderator).

    I actually don't think this sort of thread will be productive. People will start to accuse each other of all sorts of things and really, unless a moderator takes action there isn't any recourse for reporting something.

    A better idea: if you notice something you feel isn't right, send a private message to a moderator. If it isn't dealt with to your liking, send a private message to @SaladStraightShooter.

    Speaking for the other moderators, we try to address such problems immediately so there isn't usually much need for notifying us -- though we do appreciate your help if we have overlooked something.

    [Edit: @Socks has explained that this would be for reporting stolen games/graphics, which I certainly don't have a problem with. I have asked him to create a new thread for this purpose.]

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