Thinking of giving Unity a shot... Anyone else? (Still love GameSalad, put away your flame guns!)

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Hey gang,

Let me say first.... I LOVE GameSalad. That won't change. It's the easiest way to make a great game quickly. I will continue to be a pro user and follow development for the long haul.

We all know there's plenty of tools out there and we know some are better, some not. I'm finding lately a lot of stuff I want to do is limited by GameSalads limitations. Thus I'm looking elsewhere for my more advanced ideas.

Has anyone tried Unity? It seems a ton more expensive but the options are endless.

With that said, projects that can be done in GameSalad will still be done in GameSalad.... I just yearn for more...


  • EbreezeEbreeze Member, PRO Posts: 481
    I'm using unity and GameSalad both.. Unity is a whole different game, different community, the pro licensing cost real money's a challenge but its changed everything for me in game design.
    It's great , for a quick simple app I use GS...when the new engine is out it will be even better, then I have my big boy game work in progress stuff going on in Unity a game people actually give a crap about haha. :D
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    I use unity as well.
    Dont pay for unity, just use the free version until:
    1. You know how to use so well that need access to the pro features like dynamic lights and shadows or async loading.
    2. You are ready to release to platform that requires additional licensing.
    I recommend the GamerToGameDeveloper series on youtube to get your feet wet quick.
    C# also was way easier for me to pick up than java. So I recommend that route.
    Drink unhealthy amounts of coffee.
    Also, if you are considering a project of any real size...
    Use some type of Git or repository to save versions off, and for this you will thank me later.
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    And if you happen to still be a student (or an educator), you can get huge discounts for Unity with Studica :) I'm currently studying and teaching in a university, and we make full use of this educational discount program - we've saved a lot on Unity and GS certificates. Order delivery might sometimes be a bit slow, but for the cash you might end up saving, let's be patient and forgiving.

    Just had to throw that out there in case you or anyone else might be eligible :)
  • jamie_cjamie_c Member, BASIC Posts: 5,719
    I've used both Unity and Gamesalad. They are very similar in the sense that it's really easy to get started and understand the systems, but they both scale up well.

    I found Unity to be ALOT more work as a one person developer, creating my own artwork and doing coding and design. The 3D art took me a lot more time, modeling, texturing, etc. Of course if you're working with a team or buying art, this won't likely be an issue.

    I'd love to work with Unity again, and may someday, but now I find it more rewarding to be able to actually finish a 2D game instead of endlessly working on something 3D.
  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822
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    .Has anyone tried Unity? It seems a ton more expensive but the options are endless....
    I just started with the free version a few weeks ago, like 3itg said there is no real need to shell out any money until you've learnt the ropes.
  • Zenith_GameworksZenith_Gameworks Member Posts: 310
    My question is, if you have 0 experience coding with unity, where should I look? There are tutorials for it but none I can find that are as in depth as those for gamesalad.
  • jamie_cjamie_c Member, BASIC Posts: 5,719
    I agree about the free version, that is all I ever used and it suited me just fine.
  • 3itg3itg Member, PRO Posts: 382
    Zenith, Check my earlier post in this thread... Check out the GamerToGameDeveloper video series on youtube, it teaches Unity & C# and is for beginners.
  • imGuaimGua Member Posts: 1,089
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    I'm actually planning to switch to Unity. I've investigated different plugins for visual coding and decided to stick with Playmaker. But be aware that even with those plugins, learning curve is a lot bigger compared to GS.
  • EbreezeEbreeze Member, PRO Posts: 481
    I'm using playmaker with unity, I'm 6 months in and still feel about 25% there...much to learn
  • LumpAppsLumpApps Member Posts: 2,878
    25%? I believe you are looking at the first inner shell of the onion :)
  • ImpactBlueStudiosImpactBlueStudios Member Posts: 53
    Sorry for necroing this thread but I have to post my recent experience with Unity. Just for those curious about Unity, as a professional developer Unity feels like its leaps and bounds beyond Gamesalad in terms of being a professional, extensible, and customizable and all round do it all game engine. I've only spent bout 2 nights with Unity but I've already got a sample game running using my existing assets, without using any 2d plugins at all.

    In saying all that Gamesalad has its uses and is definitely quicker to learn especially if you do not have good understanding of 3d modelling and do not have a programming background.

    Unity provides u with a asset/scene editor, SDK, and scriptability, and as a developer you dont feel like you're always trying to fit a circle into a triangle. (Loops, Unzoomed layers, attaching actors in Gamesalad...just to name a few). Do check out Unity since mobile publishing using the basic edition is now free.
  • DoguzDoguz Member Posts: 500
    Yep, Also checking out Unity with playmaker. Been watching the tutorials and it looks good.
  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Member Posts: 9,914
    I use Unity as well. It's great for 3d games. JavaScript is a learnable language. It does have a steep learning curve. I learned java last summer and did one of tutorials, then got busy with Puck it. Now I'm back at doing the iPhone tutorial but now I can read the code and understand it so the lights are coming on. I plan on keeping with it devoting a few hours a week even when I'm busy to stay on track. I can see it being a year or more to really become proficient in the software.
  • KevinCrossKevinCross London, UKMember Posts: 1,893
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    I dabbled a little with Unity last year to create a 3D table top game. I have quite a bit of experience with JavaScript so it wasn't too hard to get to grips with. I liked it, I just wasn't keen on the different license fees.

    I may look at converting it to GameSalad as a top down 2D view at a later date.

  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomMember Posts: 3,987
    I've dabbled as well, learnt a little bit of Java script, went through a lot of tutorials, then started using PlayMaker (I think it was called) that made it a bit more intuitive with less coding required 'visual scripting' they call it... I eventually ran out of steam. But great powerful tool and did make some head way. I can already do 3D modelling, rigging and animation so it will be visited again one day.
  • -Timo--Timo- Member Posts: 2,313
    is someone also using blender 3D?
    is unity better then blender?
  • KevinCrossKevinCross London, UKMember Posts: 1,893
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    Unity was much better to get to grips with than Blender 3D. The problem with Blender 3D is that it's everything in one package so it's convoluted. I'm sure with practise it's a doddle to work around like everything else, but on the whole Blender scares me.
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 9,934
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    I'll start by saying I love using gamesalad.

    But, Since you mentioned Unity…Heres a peek at something we have been working on at Im sure some of you will recognize the game. :D

    top left corner to select levels right now. Keep in mind its a WIP
  • mesaticusmesaticus Member Posts: 51
    I went thru these tutorials. specifically the 2D Mario Clone.

    Pretty in-depth tutorials that will walk you thru both the interface and coding (Javascript at least). I learned a ton. But I also learned that for the kind of game I want to create, so far it seems like GameSalad will do the trick at 5x the speed.
  • EireStudiosEireStudios Member Posts: 451
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    I also dabbled with Unity a few months ago, I'm very busy with a project in gamesalad at the moment but as soon as I'm done I'll be studying Unity and C# unity I feel confident enough to release a few projects :) I find Brackeys youtube channel very good for tutorials.

    @tenrdrmer Is that done with any unity plugins or is it just all coded? I'd be interested in buying the template if you guys ever decide to release it :) I hope ye have more Unity templates in the works?
  • scrapee_netscrapee_net Member Posts: 424
    I moved to Corona, and I'm making about US$ 60 daily, with my new game, from Admob.
  • RiffelRiffel Member Posts: 1,272
    @scrapee_net nice! what is the app name?
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 9,934
  • IRurGIRurG Member Posts: 9
    Im using Both gamesalad And Unity for my the game im making, to comparison

    1. Gamesalad is much more pick up and play design and lets me get my ideas out at an incredible rate (being a true noob at design and development this was the book which made me choose gamesalad from the get go)

    2. However i also use both Unity AND iTorque (torque2D) to develope the same game in full 3D because of the raw power a available, to see which would look and play better overall as my title will be huge in scale

    I must still say Gamesalad is the clear winner, although not being able to make full graphical 3D blockbuster games AS of yet, its far more intuitive and easy to pick up than any other dev kit on the market, either free or paid for.

    This is why i will be making my first game in gamesalad, although I would recommend anyone to check out torque and Unity as they also are Amazing At making 3D titles if you have some basic understanding of the software


  • EireStudiosEireStudios Member Posts: 451
    @tenrdemer wow, now I really got to get hands on that template :)
  • Mathiashelseth99Mathiashelseth99 Member Posts: 37
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    Is there any one now how to make a controller and a jump button in unity 3d? just asking since this conversation started?
  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 10,389
    guys, be sure to keep this on topic of moving to unity, if this turns into a how to guide to use unity we'll have to close it, they have their own forums on how to use the software.
  • BBEnkBBEnk Member Posts: 1,764
    I think Gamesalad and Unity go together like peanut butter and jelly I'm sure most who use Gamesalad also dream of making that first 3-D FPS COD killer,lol..
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