Gamesalad saving attribute not working

In my newest game gamesalad doesn't seem to save the score, only temporary.
When the game is played it's saved and when switching between scenes it works fine, but once I exit the application it doesen't load on start.

To clarify I've got both a load and save actor, the loader loads the score when opening a scene and the save actor saves the score every 1 seconds. Anyone familiar with this issue or know how to fix it ?


  • gamesfuagamesfua Member Posts: 723
    Are you testing this in gs preview or gs viewer? Because if so save/load to the best of my knowledge doesn't work there. You'd have to use an ad hoc build.
  • LyboTechLyboTech Member Posts: 135
    The issue is not on GS Viewer, but the released app on the Apple App Store
  • gamesfuagamesfua Member Posts: 723
    Hmmm that's odd. It seems like you've got it right.
    Are you making sure that the load not only loads but also has your score displayer updated to the loaded value? Meaning, it may be loading properly but your display attribute may not be tied to the loaded score value.
  • LyboTechLyboTech Member Posts: 135
    Might be an error on my behalf earlier, have doublechecked everything, it loads and saves correct attributes. But I am doing it correctly, right ?
    - Just a bit of trouble if I update it and it won't work :)
  • tatiangtatiang Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 11,948
    Just to be clear, you have a Load Attribute behavior in an actor on the opening scene of your game? And when you check that attribute (e.g. DisplayText) it's not showing the saved value?

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  • LyboTechLyboTech Member Posts: 135
    Yes, that's how I've made it :)
    I'll update the App and reply if I encounter it again.
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