2 Player Switching Turns Help

I already have a boolean attribute called "Activated card" that identifies when two cards have been flipped. I have 24 cards and I have a score system that counts the total pairs. I made an Integer attribute called Switch turn that switches between each player if "activated card" is true and "score" is 0, Switch attribute = (switch+1)%2, makes it switch fine. The trouble is keeping it on the player when he gets a correct pair and stop it from switching. Any ideas on how you would solve this would help me greatly. Thanks. I have tried when score = 1 to stop the switch. And then set the score back to 0 to start the cycle over again. But for some reason it keeps on switching.


  • michaelpaulmartinezmichaelpaulmartinez Member Posts: 12
    edited March 2013
    I forgot to say it is a card matching game. Sorry %)
  • michaelpaulmartinezmichaelpaulmartinez Member Posts: 12
    I just figured it out after 5 hours of trial and error. Thanks for whoever read that mess of an explanation. Everything I said above worked, I just had to add another boolean attribute that acted like activated card.
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