how do i refresh a "when touch is released" rule.

hi all i am having many problems with this, say i have a actor when game.allowtotouch is true and touch is realeased change to true, so this works fines the first time, but when my attribute "allowtotouch is true again my actor automatically changes "next"to true, without my touching the actor, so i how can i make it that i have to touch the actor again and when realeased to trig the rule.thanks


  • ShmirlyWhirlShmirlyWhirl Member Posts: 189
    edited March 2013
    In my experience, when "When Touch Is Released" is in a rule, its a little buggy. Once its true it stays true.

    To get around this, I set up my own touch attribute. Local to the actor.

    When touch is pressed:
    Timer for .3 seconds (make sure run to completion is checked)
    When touch is released change self.mytouch to true

    Then after all the code that triggers when that attribute is true:
    Change attribute self.mytouch to false.
  • guillefaceguilleface Member Posts: 997
    thank you very much ShrillyWhirl works perfect, i did try something like that,many combinations with timers but no luck, so thankful you helped me :)
  • lewisonelewisone Member, PRO Posts: 36
    I have finally figured out that adding timers to stuff of .03 or such is needed to let the program catch up to everything else going on. Weird but very much needed all over a complex game with lots of listeners in it.
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