Photoshop: Is it worth it?

Up to now I have been using free tools such as GIMP and the like. However, lately I have been having trouble with a lack of their features. And there have been some problems transferring .psd's in to these programs where certain effects are getting lost.

I've you've photoshop in the past, but that was a while ago. I am familiar with the program, but the large price tag is giving me pause.

So I beseech you, GameSalad forums- should I just quit thinking about it and buy it, or just move on?


  • jamie_cjamie_c Member, BASIC Posts: 5,762
    Do you know Adobe offers Creative Cloud now? For a monthly fee you get access to every piece of software they make. Here is a price comparison of you're interested.

    Looks like Photoshop alone is $699, but you can sign up for CC for $49.99 per month ($600/year) and get all Adobe products.
  • LoungeGamesLoungeGames Member Posts: 86
    I just use Pixlr Editor for all my art. It is basically just an online version of Photoshop, and most of the important tools are there.
  • DanielDoeDanielDoe Member Posts: 307
    I use GIMP and will stay with GIMP... because of the price, features etc... and I don't like Adobe interface...
  • ShmirlyWhirlShmirlyWhirl Member Posts: 189
    I know about the cloud, but I've never liked subscribing to things to use software. It feels like I'm renting it, and I would prefer just to buy it.

    I've used GIMP for years, but lately I have been collaborating with a friend that uses Photoshop. Sometimes, when I open the .psd, some of the effects are lost.

    I've found that through an Educational Discount I can get Extended for $350. Seems a lot more reasonable, I think I'll just go with that.
  • jamie_cjamie_c Member, BASIC Posts: 5,762
    @ShmirlyWhirl, I agree totally. We have CC through work and it does feel like a rental. :)

    @LoungeGames, I never heard of Pixlr Editor. But that's really pretty nice for an in-browser app. Nice find.
  • VGXVGX Member Posts: 796
    @ShmirlyWhirl Download the free trial of PS and decide from there. We can't really say which is best to use because it all comes down to personal preference.

    If you have a Mac there are loads of design tools on the Mac AppStore which is cheaper than PS, e.g. Pixelmator also some other good free ones.

    If your using Windows then just download Adobe trial stuff or other free stuff like, inkscape.

    Just play around with as much free stuff as you can then decide which is best for you, then think about buying one.
  • ShmirlyWhirlShmirlyWhirl Member Posts: 189

    I've used the free trial. And while I haven't gotten in to all the new features, I do like what I have used. The only problem with the trial is that it won't let me export anything.

    The $699 price tag was what was scaring me off. I found the discount to bring get Extended for $350, and that seems totally reasonable.
  • VGXVGX Member Posts: 796
    @ShmirlyWhirl What you mean export? What you trying to do?
    Just go to file, save as and there is a drop down you can select which formats you want
  • jamie_cjamie_c Member, BASIC Posts: 5,762
    @ShmirlyWhirl, you can also go to "File » Save for Web & Devices" to have more control over your gif, jpg, and png file compression settings.
  • ShmirlyWhirlShmirlyWhirl Member Posts: 189
    I must've had a massive brain fart. I did not even notice that.

    Thank you.
  • TomCoffeeTomCoffee Member, PRO Posts: 175
    I use an old version of Photoshop Elements and it has 90% of the features that I've found I ever used in the full version of Photoshop (layers, brushes, filters, plug-ins, etc all work well)... Photoshop Elements is usually around $70 and its a business expense :-)
  • ShmirlyWhirlShmirlyWhirl Member Posts: 189
    Thanks @TomCoffee, I'll look in to Elements.

    And I know its a buisness expense. But when you're starting out, $700 is definitely an expense you need to weigh your options before spending.
  • EbreezeEbreeze Member, PRO Posts: 481
    I use's a dream and cheap as hell. I also use filter forge
  • redmasqu3rad3redmasqu3rad3 Member Posts: 58
    Just throwing this out there, if you have access to a student email, you can get a student and teacher edition of photoshop for $350 instead. or just go to best buy with a student ID and get the boxed copy. Its full featured and in CS5 they removed the policy that says you can not sell your art with the student and teacher editions.
  • TheGabfatherTheGabfather Member Posts: 633
    edited May 2013
    Really depends on what art style(s) you need to pull off. If you're designing simple yet quirky art for your GS game, you should be fine with GIMP or Inkscape. If you're gunna use it to edit photos, then maybe you'd be better off pursuing the student discount the other posters suggested.

    But purchasing Photoshop really depends on whether you think you have what it takes (skills, passion to learn, and effort) to fully utilize what you're paying for.

    Tough for me to really give input because all serials to versions of PS I've ever used, I got for free thanks to university(ies). But hopefully it makes you think before you shell out your hard earned money :)
  • Alembic_SoftworksAlembic_Softworks Member Posts: 114
    Yeah I agree with the comments re:what you actually need to be able to do and what your style is. The month trial is a good time to figure out if Photoshop is what you actually want. I recently got it mostly because I was able to snag it under the student pricing - they do offer business pricing as well, if you can go that route. I think it's worth it at the student pricing - and to be honest I think it's worth it at the standard pricing for what I'm trying to do. I've used Inkscape as well and I prefer PS by far. That's just me though, nothing wrong with Gimp or Inkscape. Also I'd recommend getting one of the CS packages - at least PS bundled with Illustrator - Design Standard ends up being a better deal than just purchasing PS on its own. And if you do like PS you'll probably use Illustrator a lot as well.
  • cucurbitcucurbit Member Posts: 68
    Photoshop is the best tool for designing apps graphics.
  • Alembic_SoftworksAlembic_Softworks Member Posts: 114
    I just need to throw in a quick observation - if you have a valid university email, they will verify it - Adobe states that you have to be currently enrolled in order to get the Student version. If you use a student ID that isn't current you might be able to buy it in person but I'm not sure you'll be able to use the software. I seem to recall something about the verification process of your student credentials when you're doing the install.
  • dreevedreeve Member Posts: 9
    Agree with all the comments here, from my personal experience when people have asked if they should get a copy of photoshop my response normally: probably not / think about it a great deal.

    Photoshop and all adobe software for that matter, take years of practice to get you to a high standard. They are used my industry professionals, if you are willing to put in the time and effort and have the determination and are limited with your current editing program then it could be a perfect step to take.

    Just remember, If someone gives you a hammer it does not mean you can build a house. Tools only get you part of the way...
  • NovicaStudioNovicaStudio Member Posts: 174
    Photoshop is great if you can get it in the suite with illustratror, premiere and others, especially if you have the educational discount. It really gives you a lot of tools to utilize. I also love the Adobe interface (might be just me) and I think it gives you a lot of nice tools like blending options and filters that can add a little bit of nice flair to your game. Illustrator is great for vectors, too, however inkscape is just about as good.
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