Can you spot the difference Animal now released!

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The popular Spot the difference type of games is back! The second of the many versions of this series to come, I present to you- Can you spot the Difference? Animal!

With so many high resolution images of some of the cutest animals that exist in this planet, I am sure you will end up staring at your iPad's screen, just to admire the beauty of the animals!

There are over 40 photos and counting in 2 modes- Relax and challenge!

Relax mode is where you have to clear the previous image to unlock the next seriously cute picture of your favourite animal! You have 60 seconds to spot the differences, with infinite tries.

Challenge mode is where you have to spot the differences in 30 seconds before advancing to the next! If you lose , you have to restart!!
photo LoadingHS_zps12b863dc.png
photo Modeselect1_zps46501a9e.png
photo level1_zps1bfd5db1.png
photo level2cl_zps602c7064.png
photo stat_zps17c9ebc6.png

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    (Follow on)- This will probably be my last game that is sort of "mini" or not really "professional". I had a great time using this software (NO I AM NOT LEAVING!!) and have since published 5 games, most of them to gain experience and learn the software. I have now started working on my next game and i can assure you that it will be awesome. I will be making a WIP post about it soon once i get my basic code of it right.
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