[ THE RIDDLES OF FINGERLING ] adventure/mystery game

68kStudios68kStudios Member Posts: 219

this is my latest game: THE RIDDLES OF FINGERLING


It's an adventure game and, like my other apps, I have made by myself graphics, original music, concept and programming.
It took me almost two years to complete it.

So, hope you enjoy it!

Game features:

* "Random Generated Riddles": every time you start a new game, the riddles are randomly chosen. About 1 million possible combinations to each new game, high replay value.

* "Point and Click" Adventure, "Mystery Game" and "Escape Game" all in one.

* Investigate the murder, enter in the suspect's dreams and find all the clues.

* Brain teasers, classic riddles, mathematical sequences, find objects and keys to proceed in the adventure: a lot of things to do to resolve the mystery.

* Two different worlds: the real one and the dream world, full of puzzles and riddles to solve.


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