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Good day to you!

My second game is ready for release. I have one FULL GAME file which I can upload to iPhone, iPad, Android and Win8. Now I don't know how to publish FREE version effectively. It is not necessary to create FREE version for Win8 (I suppose, 60 min Trial works fine). What now?

- one Android FREE version -> Hyperlink at level 10 redirecting to FULL GAME on Google Play
- one iOS FREE version -> Hyperlink at level 10 redirecting to FULL GAME on the AppStore

Is that everything I have to create? Will be there any differences between iPhone and iPad stores? Is that work universal? If not, I will probably have to create two redirectors (for iPhone and iPad store). What about Android redirecting?

Does exist any universal way for switching between FREE version to FULL version? I will not use InAppPurchase. It seems I have to use redirectors. Don't know any other way at this moment.

Thank you for any advantages! :)


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    I want to say that I tried redirecting the player to a full version inside my free game, and Apple rejected it because the player shouldn't have to navigate outside of the app to purchase the full version. This is one of the reasons I went PRO. I don't know if it was rejected because the person reviewing was having a bad day, or if it happens to all apps. I'd try it...If they reject it, you may have to get PRO and use IAP. I have to say, though, that when I went PRO and implemented IAP into the free game, that I had a very good rate of players who used the IAP. Mainly because so many people downloaded the app free, then completed the game and decided to purchase the full game right there.
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    Hi Braydon! Thank you for really important information. I though that redirectors are not the best solution. Now I´m thinking about game (2.99$) without demo. I saw that many best Paid games don´t have any demo version. I think it has advantages and also disadvantages of course...
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