★★★My Two Year GS Anniversary - Braydon_SFX★★★

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Wow, TWO years already! It doesn't seem nearly that long. :D

I first found GameSalad in June of 2011 - I had just spent 2 hours working on getting some darn balloon to be affected by gravity in Corona. Because of my frustration, I searched for a new engine. And guess what? I found GameSalad! I downloaded Creator and watched a couple of @Tshirtbooth’s early videos. After an hour, I had a very simple balloon game. Amazing!

I then spent as much time as I could learning and understanding GameSalad. It’s paid off. During the past 2 years, I’ve launched several games over different platforms, created a couple of sweet templates over at GSHelper, and have had plenty of opportunities to do client work. I’m not a millionaire (yet!), but I feel like one while creating games. I also had the amazing opportunity to visit GS HQ last year.

Looking back, there’s been a lot of changes that GameSalad has made. While it’s probably impossible to write them all out here, I’d just like to highlight a few that stuck out to me. 2 years ago we didn’t have tables. Look at how much that has helped and how many more game possibilities were opened because of that feature. Shoot, I don’t think we even had PROPER In-App Purchases 2 years ago. It was just recently that we got the new publishing system - that’s made such a difference. Those of you who remember how long it use to take to publish a project know what I’m talking about. I’m not going to even mention the fireworks ;) Also, Windows Creator was announced, that opened the doors to more aspiring developers. The option to publish to Windows 8 was huge. We’ve even had a couple different forum designs!

Those who say that GameSalad hasn't made any progress in the last few years...Read that paragraph again.

A few people I’d like to shout out to -

First off, @CodeWizard - You, sir, are awesome. Since you’ve been on board, I’m very happy with the direction GameSalad is headed. Not to mention the weekly updates. Those are awesome, and I look forward to every Wednesday. There were times where we wouldn’t hear about new features for months. Now we hear what’s being prepared in the kitchen every week.

Secondly, @SaladStraightShooter - Respect to you as well, sir. Your constant watch and help on the forums is greatly appreciated. Who knows how many gremlins would be running wild without you. You make the forums a nicer place to be. Thank you for the sidekick title and the ability to award badges. Makes staying away from the forums almost impossible. ;)

@ All other mods - You guys deserve a shout out, too. Thank YOU for everything you do and the support your provide on the forums.

@Uptimistik - Ah yes... It’s been so much fun and such a great experience working with you over at GSHelper. The late nights. The early mornings. Spending hours a day working on some template...Good times. You’ve taught me so much, and I really appreciate it. :)

I’ve seen a lot of people come and go, but I’m thankful for all of you that have stuck to it and stayed around. So thank you all, even the ones I didn’t mention, for creating and being the best community ever. I'm sure I'll be here in another two years. ;)

EDIT: Made it to 4k posts on the forums today as well. Time to celebrate.


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