~Hello, it's time for introduction~

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Hello to everyone,

It's time for my introduction.
Normally I am not a fan of being on forums but I noticed it has been mentioned several times that I should get to know members before requesting help and announcing games. So here I am :) (also I uploaded a image as requested by some members for my profile, it appears every else but the forums though)

I am located in Australia and have several games in the pipe line.
Of course I am a major fan of Flat Design apps and games so expect my ideas of flat design to be shown in later dates.
As well as that I, game development is not a full time option for me, which is fine since a lot of inspiration happens away from the computer.

I prefer using the PM system, so feel free to hit me up whenever. But be warned, if you ask for feedback your going to get heart breaking honesty, mixed with a bit of encouragement :p

That's pretty much it, with my main goal of getting a good polished app out there with many players.
And I can see that happening with the way GameSalad has improved
Look forward to finally meeting the great members.



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