Jump WTF?

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I am trying to make a platformer, but my jump feature is fu**ed up! At the start of the game, my character automatically jumps. But when I press my jump key (space bar) I don't do anything. I only jump once at the beginning of the level, but it happens without me pressing space bar. How do I fix this? Or what did I do wrong?



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    perhaps you could put what rules and attributes you are using ... unfortunately, as great as people are on these forums, i dont think anyone has mastered how to telepathically see what is in someones game .... yet!
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    Use the magnifying glass up on the right hand corner to search for topics like "jump" which have been covered

    I responded to a post awhile back on what rules I used for jumping ,see the link above :) Hope this helps
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    Alright I'll take a look...but for now I'm bored and don't feel like making my game...for the moment... I'm actually doing this for school, in a game design class. But it's almost over so I'll check later... also I can teach you telepathy, it's really simple. Take a bag, go to a forest, find the magic blue troll, then ask him for the mushrooms. Put them in your bag, go home, then eat them... soon enough you will have telepathy...and you'll see unicorns...and Jesus will come into your house and smash up things. Then ThePolice will show up and start singing Roxanne...aww shrooms...
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    wow dude what on earth are you smoking.
    you know what the funny thing is i was just listening to roxxanne and watching charlie the unicorn next to you!!!
    i think that you have your timer and acceleration settings messed up!!!!
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