Bonsai blast

Does anyone have a tutorial on making a game like bonsai blast?


  • GM_PandagamesGM_Pandagames Member Posts: 228
    whats bonsai blast
  • madisonnmadisonn Member Posts: 24
    Here's a description I found of it:
    Coloured balls roll down a track, winding ever closer to their goal. Your duty is to stop them getting there -- confusingly by firing more coloured balls into the fray. When three matching balls end up in a row, they combust, setting the whole marching line back a few inches. You'll have to fire balls accurately and quickly if you want to stay alive. As an added twist, you'll get power-up balls, and the ability to reposition your turret, which spices up gameplay.

    And there's a lot of pics of it on google images
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    I could well be wrong so don't hold me to this but I'd imagine it would be quite hard to make actors follow a winding path like that in GameSalad. There's no follow path behaviours in GameSalad which is what I think would be needed for this type of game.

    Edit: Thinking about it now, you might be able to have a table with lots of x and y coordinates that the ball loops through and moves to each position. You'd need lots of them for a smoother path. Ideally you'd want to place lots of invisible actors on the screen to create the path and have those update the table with their positions so that you don't have to. This might not work, and not something I can test as I'm on a bus to work.

    In answer to your question, I've not seen anyone work on one since I've been on the forums
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