I am starting in PixelArt and a have question about Pixels :)

RubiyoooRubiyooo Member Posts: 163
Hello how are you?

I am a hardcore gamer. I love the games of my life. This week i watch a impressive video of PixelArt similar of Metal Slug. And now i love Pixelart ^_^

My impression it is that in the iPhone. Everybody do not appreciate the pixels :( Now all it is make with Illustrator and Vectorials. What happen with the pixels!!

Here you can see any paint that i make this my first week how pixel designer!!

Only i have one question about the size of pixels in a game.

The iPhone proyect have 320 x 480 pixels no? If i make a actor...
How is it the recommend size by an Hero actor?
Thanks very much by read my bad english :)

@Rubiyooo (from Spain)

p.d I do not like to use translate website. Because if i used this websites i would not never learn english :)


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