Gamesalad deleting directories on my computer!!!

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So last night I was working on a game and started getting dozens of error messages telling me that files were not available. I looked into the folder and sure enough, the sounds directory was empty and the images directory was telling me "Access Denied" when I tried to view it. Just a few minutes after that, the .gsproj file disappeared.
I was ready to throw my computer away thinking that I had a hard drive issue.

This morning I cut my losses and start building the game again when the same exact thing happened. The .gsprof file is gone, one folder on my computer is locked and one is completely empty.

Anyone else have this problem?


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    I've never heard of this and it sounds like a virus, lack of enough hard drive space, or some other non-GameSalad issue to me. I'm sorry to hear it's happening. If it seems to be only happening with GameSalad project files and no other files on your computer, it might be worth submitting a tech support request or bug report. Bottom line, back up your hard drive because something is not right.

    Is this a Mac or Windows? If it's on a Mac, run Disk Utility and Verify the Disk. Does it report any errors? How much available hard drive space do you have left? Are you running anti-virus software?

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    Thanks Tatiang.
    I am running a PC unfortunately.
    Yes, the only files being deleted are the GameSalad files.

    I did a full backup last night because I thought the hard drive was giving up, but since this has happened 3 times now, and only with the GS directories, I figure that the computer is not the culprit.

    I have 40GB of hard drive space available and I run AVG for my anti-virus software.

    I submitted a ticket but I am a free member. I just found this place on tuesday and have yet to decide whether I want to go pro or not. I purchased Sod of War to test things out and this is the project I am having troubles with. Could it be related to this game and not the creator???

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    I am now getting the following issue consistently:

    I create 10 scenes and play through each of them.
    By the time I get to scene 10, teh parallax backgrounds disappear.
    Within 10 seconds GameSalad will crash.
    When restarted, the game no longer works.
    On the scenes it will show the parallax images only and is frozen as such.

    Basically, just playing the game via previewer messes something up.

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    I'm not sure what to suggest. What version of Windows are you running? Does this happen with the built-in template files? Does it happen if you create a new project file, add a single actor, save & quit, and then use that file? I'm trying to narrow down the problem... could be a corrupt project file?

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    I've done an audit of our Windows save code. Looks like there are some possible edge cases that could cause these problems. While I'm looking into this and getting a fix together you might want to try adding the folder that contains your game projects to your antivirus exclusion list.

    By way of example, assume your game project is stored in "c:\games\mygame.gameproj." You'd add "c:\games" to your antivirus exclusion list.

    I could go into details but I'll get back to the code instead. Let me know if this helps at all.
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    I appreciate you guys looking into this. However, the story continues.
    I gave up and started using a MacInCloud to do the editing and everything was going great. I decided to save my work as a backup to a different folder and it happened again. Both the sounds and images folder are now completely empty. They are empty in my original folder as well as the backed up/saved folder.

    Seeing that this is happening on both PC and also on a remote Mac, I have to believe that the game "Sod of War" is the issue.
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