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Hi everyone,
I was thinking that a big thing in marketing your apps/company is you need to have a website. Since I am interested in making one I figured it'd be beneficial to learn how to make one then create it for myself.
My big question is what is the difference between a lot of languages, and what can you do with what. For example what exactly is php and sql? I know html but I figured it might be better to build a website with a different language.

Also what is the difference between ruby and ruby on rails? what is on rails? Can CSS be used with every web design language? Are there more advanced things to write the code in like sublime text or dreamweaver or just simple textEdit?

Sorry if these sound like simple questions and I know I could research all of this but I wanted to get the forums opinions because I love the Gamesalad community.

Thanks Everyone,


  • TouchiMediaTouchiMedia Member Posts: 154
    All that stuff you mentioned is really for more advanced website designers.

    CSS ( cascading style sheets ) is a popular term and it's mostly about formatting and frames.

    If you are beginning, best to use Wordpress, read up on basic html, etc.

    Or use something like gmail blog site...
  • DuesDues Member Posts: 1,159
    If you are looking for something more simple, there is also a lot of WYSIWYG editors. Relatively simple to learn, then you can buy your personal domain and publish without the need of any third party names in your domain name. :)
  • 3itg3itg Member, PRO Posts: 382 is right, Best to just use Wordpress or another CMS until you really "get it".
    The more you try to do with a wordpress site, the more you will understand what each aspect is doing and for most people, that seems to be the best place to start.

    You will need a Domain, and Hosting.
    Most registrars (where you buy your domain) offer a nifty one-click control panel that will install wordpress in a button click on your hosted domain.
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