★★★ $1 Words is out on the App Store! ★★★

Hi everyone,
I just created a new app called $1 Words, it is pretty difficult, only the intelligent will like it (But all here are smart so you will be fine!) Essentially it is a word game where you are given a value between $.50-$1.50 and you have to find a word which equals that value. The value is created by adding up the sum of the letters' point value of the word. The letters point value equals its position in the alphabet (a=1 b=2... z=26)
I know kind of confusing, really challenging, really fun! Hopefully you like it, hopefully the screenshots give you an idea of the game. I am not good with videos so I did not create a trailer, sorry.
Please let me know what you think I worked really really hard on it.
Download it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/$1-words/id788665087?mt=8

If you want to do a review for a review let me know, just really would like people to try it real quick. Very much appreciated


PS: When the new words GS template comes out this will be so much better!!


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