Seeking Light Paid Help

mystikmystik Member Posts: 8

I am thinking to buy a few templates, change artwork, mess around with them to learn hopefully, and publish them to the app store to promote another project. So, my current thinking is to show a scene when they're closing the app that says something like "This game is brought to you free by ! Click the link above to play on Facebook. can be played fully on higher-end mobile devices, and of course on any PC. We hope you enjoy this game as well as !" and have an image above this text. I think it would be great if I could get one setup, and then just import it into other projects - the same scene (can you do that with GS?). So, this is very light work, but I want it to look good and any cool tricks for it would be great. Anyone interested in doing this for me? I'm willing to pay a reasonable fee. Thank you.


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