Hello GS World!

JScottJScott Member, PRO Posts: 143

Hi everyone, I've been using GS for about 4-5 months just went PRO. I jumped right in to game creation, have asked a few questions and tried to answer a few, but haven't introduced myself!

So, now that I've completed a game I'm pretty happy with and come up for air, thought I'd back up and say hello.

Very happy with GS and the very supportive community. Been a few frustrating times figuring out what GS can and can't do, but that's part of the fun...in hindsight.

I've had the luxury of staying home with my kids this year, so thought I'd revisit programming (played around in the 80's--TSR 80, BASIC, C+)

Started with learning Python and dabbled with Obj-C, then stumbled upon GS, and thought, This is more like it! I'm enjoying GS and plan on sticking around so, look forward to exchanging ideas with everyone.




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