gravity, movable and immovable actors

EdwardRHunterEdwardRHunter Member Posts: 7
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How do I make a movable actor 'stand on' an immovable actor in a scene that has gravity? Every thing I try results in the movable actor plunging to its death.


  • VoidedSkyVoidedSky Member Posts: 1,095
    Use Accelerate down behavior on actors instead of gravity. then don't use it on actors that you don't want to have gravity.
  • EdwardRHunterEdwardRHunter Member Posts: 7
    I really need gravity for this game to handle the physics and collisions. I just need to be able to stand a movable object on an immovable one. Can it be done or no?
  • VoidedSkyVoidedSky Member Posts: 1,095
    you can constrain the position of the object's X and Y.
  • EdwardRHunterEdwardRHunter Member Posts: 7
    I guess I'm not sure what good gravity is then if immovable objects dont act as barriers to movable ones? I tried the path of not using gravity, but I'm making a 'power meter jumping' game and it's much harder trying to inverse everything without gravity than to just let things fall until something stops them.

    Anyone else have any thoughts here?
  • RHRH Member Posts: 1,079
    un tick movable in the physics on the actor
  • EdwardRHunterEdwardRHunter Member Posts: 7
    My understanding is that that attribute is read only at run time. Can someone verify: there is no way for an immovable object to stop a movable object from moving past it with gravity in effect? Not a density setting, not a layer positioning, etc?
  • RHRH Member Posts: 1,079
    You could completely ignore my post. Also set the restitution of both to 0.
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,211
    In your unmovable actor, just add a Collide behavior(s). Specify which actors you want that actor to collide with.

    Any actor can collide with any other actor.
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