--- Swallow Cookies --- My first game with GameSalad

Well I present my first game made ​​with GameSalad which is now available on android in https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tarsiustudio.wordpress.swallowcookiesfree

In these days I'll upload the game to iOS .

Swallows cookies is a fun and challenging game where you have to prove your skills with the accelerometer of the phone for Kiut a funny yellow ball and all the hungry eat cookies every level . You should do each kiut eat cookies later go to the flag and to reach the next level . You have great ability to get the accelerometer to pass all levels of the game because in the world of Kiut not be alone , you must dodge the bullets , spikes , monsters, energy bars ... If Kiut touches on some of these enemies explode and you have to restart the level. You have much skill with the accelerometer and can happen to each and every one of the levels ?
The game features fun and friendly graphics , background music makes the game fun and lively, the curve of handling the accelerometer is very fast, you must pass a level to play at the next.

Hope you like it and I digais faults you see or what you would change you. Thank you very much for your attention and forgive my English


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