xcode oddities

gavtheliongavthelion Member Posts: 31
Hi all : ) Has anyone had this happen?

I Have 4 games/Apps created sent in for xcode conversion. First 3 worked fine on my ipod touch for days - had the 3 icons displayed/selectable and the games run if a bit slow to load. On adding a 4th game the other 3 stoped working (won't load and immidiately crash on launching) Why ? My 4th games runs fine? These were all fine the day before the 4th app/game, confusing ???????????? Is there a time limit to test run your games??


  • gavtheliongavthelion Member Posts: 31
    Thanks for replying tshirtbooth, I decided to reinstall them in the end, my certificates had not ran out so????

    : )
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