What's better: Offering a free and full version or a free version with in-app purchase?

For my next game I'm torn between offering a free (limited version) separately with a full version or just offering one free version with an in-app purchase to unlock the full version. I haven't done much research regarding the best solution and I know a lot depends on how good the game is, but can anyone suggest what method is better based on your experience? I'm interested in what generally gets more traffic on the App Store.


  • HopscotchHopscotch Member, PRO Posts: 2,782

    @aquamonkey, both these models rely on your game being able to draw the player in, getting him/her invested in your game.

    For games which are multiplayer, have a strong social aspect, or have a long progression system, go with IAPs.

    If your game is a good polished standalone game experience, then the difference in profitability is small, with a slight bias towards the Free/Full option.

    The Free/Full option converts slightly better on a per install basis.
    The IAP option allows you to retain players longer, hopefully to the point of getting them to purchase something, but is riskier.

  • aquamonkeyaquamonkey Member, PRO Posts: 36

    @Hopscotch‌ thank you for your insightful reply. This was exactly what I wanted to know. I think I'll l stick with the "slight bias" for now. Much appreciated!

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