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I am looking for someone to create a game me a fairly simple game for personal use. Please leave feed back if your interested with $ your looking for. Must have experience. $100 budget and game would be an interactive résumé.


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    To expect any kind of estimate you'll need to be a lot more descriptive about what exactly your game idea is and what you'll need done. Be as descriptive as possible. Also if you have a budget in mind, you might mention that.

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    $100 is not going to get you much of a game. It really doesn't matter if you plan to sell it or if you plan to use it for just yourself. It still takes hours and hours and hours to make it. Most good developers charge $40/hour minimum.

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    $100 at $40/hour is 2.5 hours of work. That's about the time it takes to set up a few scenes with some basic forward/back navigation buttons and add provided graphics and test on a device.

    If you really just want a powerpoint-style app with no transitions and static information (a single png image file on each scene) with no music, no movement/animation, etc., then it's possible to code that in under 3 hours. But once you start adding a couple of those features ("oh I just want it to fade between slides and play a different sound effect depending on where you click and I'd like it to pull information from my server so that my resumé is always up-to-date" etc.) then it's a different story.

    Or put this way: the most basic app I developed for a client took 10 hours ($400). The average project I work on is closer to 20-30 hours.

    Feel free to send me a private message or post here with details and I can give you a better idea about what kind of estimate is reasonable for your app.

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    I typically charge $40 an hour, but reduce that if very clear requirements are given and I can very accurately estimate how long it will take me to complete and can therefore provide a fixed figure quote. I will typically knock off about 25%-50% in such circumstances, depending on how interesting I think the project will be and if I've worked with the client before.

    Even with my bargain rates $100 will get very little (3-4 hours at most, and only that much if I think I'll really enjoy working on the project). As @tatiang says features add up fast, and an interactive résumé is likely to include simple looking but surprisingly tricky little effects that will push you over $100 almost instantly.

    Plan out exactly what you want your app to do and either post here or PM to interested parties to get an accurate quote. Feel free to send it my way.

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