Your ideas, please?

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OK - so I'm in the process of creating a game/entertainment app. In this app, it asks you a series of questions, where you could either reply yes or no. Each question asks you would you do _______ for $___________ , like so: image.

Then, after 10 positive responses, it adds up all the money and displays what you agreed to like so:

My dilemma is that I need some ideas for questions to ask! (As you can see there are some repeats. Of course the rest is all tied up in a pretty little with a title screen and all that.)

Anything would be appreciated!


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    Do a spell check on your questions, errors like these look unprofessional.

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    Maybe this will give you an idea idk.. :D

    1 question tho, if you try to earn cash in the game, why would anyone ever say no? Maybe create a character and at the end calculate a survival chance based on his decisions and if he lives he takes the money.. Just an idea..

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    Would you produce a Flappy Bird Clone for $12.

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