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CobraBladeCobraBlade Posts: 97Member

Anyone else have similar stories to share? Sadly I do. Wish I had found this before sending any money... but hopefully no one else from the GameSalad community will have to suffer the same fate as us from now on.


  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Posts: 9,934Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef

    This is exactly why we don't allow App promo services advertised in the forums.

    Sorry to here you had a bad experience. most of these services turn out to be a scam in some form or another.

    It's not my fault I never learned to take responsibility for anything. ;)

  • CobraBladeCobraBlade Posts: 97Member

    Thank you tenrdrmer. It is really unfortunate you get people like this. So I guess all I can do is warn others now and hope they don't experience the same thing. Aside from that all I can do now is report them to SCAMwatch.

    But that's good advice not to trust any of these types of sites... only way to truly be safe.

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