Best way to change character?

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I have a game where the main character is brown. I've decided, if you get 100 pts. you can unlock the same character in black. And if you get 200 pts. you can unlock the same character in white.

What is the easiest way to do this? Should I make two copies of the main character and just change the image (one black & one white)


In the main character add two more "animation behaviors" (one with black character & one with white character) with a rule that says, "if brown character icon is touched, use brown character animation", "if black character icon is touched, use black character animation" or "if white character icon is touched, use white character animation?"



  • TosanuTosanu Member, PRO Posts: 388

    The first option is very good for making sure your rules never clash so that he switches color due to rule call issues. The second is slightly more efficient. JNust know that if you split up your hero into multiple actors, you have to make sure to get all their calls synced up for collisions, movement, and the like (I make a Heroes tag to help with thaT) and with the second, you hav to be incredibly stringent with your rules to divide the coloration.

    But honestly, either option can be done.

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