How I can upload game to appstore? and test app in iphone without gamesalad?


In gamesalad I created a game for the iPhone and I want to ask how can I test the game without gamesalad iPhone apps? Game that I had stored in the iPhone?

I would like to know how to actually upload the game to the appstore? I have a developer account.

Could someone write me detailed instructions, because it is seriously complicated, I would be very grateful.


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    Follow the Cookbook and when you get stuck post a specific question. Asking someone to write out a detailed guide that already exists isn't going to happen. It is a confusing process and a massive task to accomplish the first time around and some of the information is a little out of date.

    Just start at the beginning and carefully work your way through the Cookbook. When you get jammed up and you will search the forums and google it. If that fails post a detailed question her and someone will help you.

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    1 .create your certificate: Open Keychain Access, From the drop down menu, select “Keychain Access” -> “Certificate Assistant” -> “Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority...”

    1. Type in your e-mail address and click “Saved to disk”. Press Continue.
    2. Name your certificate and save it to your desktop
    3. Go to, log in with your Apple ID.
      Press Certificates and hit the ‘+’ sign in the top right corner.
      5.Under “Production” select “App Store and Ad Hoc” and click Continue.
      6.You will see the “About Creating a Certificate Signing Request” screen below, which list the steps 1-3 above. Click Continue to go to the next screen.
      7.Click “Choose File...” and select the file you created in Step 3. Click “Generate”.
      8.Download certificate (“ios_distribution.cer”), and click on it to open it.
      9.Once you click on the downloaded file, Keychain Access will automatically open displaying the iPhone distribution Certificate you just created.
      10.Make your way back to and click Identifiers. Hit the ‘+’ button in the top right corner.
      11.Give a name of your choice . write a bundle id of your choice .
      12.Press Submit on the next screen.
      You will see a message: “Registration complete”. Press Done.
      13.Go down to “Provisioning Profiles”, click ‘Distribution’ and hit the ‘+’ symbol.
      14.Under “Distribution” select “App Store” and hit Continue.
      15.For App ID choose the identifier you just created.
      16.Select the Certificate you created and click Continue..
      18.Create a Profile Name click generate.
      19.Download the Provisioning Profile and open it.
      20.iPhone Configuration Utility will open and prompt you to “Add to Library”. Click this button. (download and install configuration utility if dont have it)
      21.Congratulations, you’re finished! The Provisioning Profile you created will appear inside iPhone Configuration Utility.
      22.Now go to gamesalad creator click publish, select the provisioning profile you created
      and download the binay.
    4. go to itunes connect with your acount and click add new app.
    5. follow all the steps and fill the formats and upload all the screenshoots of your app.
    6. hope this help !!!.
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